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Virtual  or remote services are a time-saver.  Obviously, it’s easier to pick up the phone or use a video conferencing application than get in the car, drive to our offices, and drive home. Documents and information can be securely shared via email or file-sharing applications. If you forget a document, this is much faster than delivering the document by hand or sending it through traditional mail.

We  are able o provide  complete accounting,  payroll, tax return preparation, tax planning and business consulting   remotely through  using following tools

Video conferencing. We are able to meet you and your staff via video conferencing with Zoom. Zoom makes it easy to connect to a video conference with several participants. We can send you the link for the conference. You simply click and join the meeting from your phone or computer.

Secure firm portal.   Our secure client portal is available for our clients to download documents as well as upload documents.   We can also store all your documents  in the portal folders. 

Phone meeting: You can always call us to discuss your tax and business  matters  with our staff and CPA partners during the normal business hours.

Email and fax. You can also communicate with us   and send us messages and documents  via email and fax.

Online QuickBooks.  We can also perform a bookkeeping, accounting and payroll functions using online QuickBooks.  This way you, your staff and we can simultaneously access the data base.

To be clear, we’re happy to meet with clients in person, and you don’t have to choose between virtual and face-to-face meetings. It’s not an “either-or” proposition. You might choose, for example, to meet in person once a year and meet virtually one a month or once a quarter. We’re happy to provide that flexibility because it allows us to build strong relationships and deliver the kind of personal service you deserve from your accountant.