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Our Approach

Everything we do at  our CPA firm is designed with you, the client in mind.  As better defined in our Mission, our goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction 100% of the time.  Our approach may change to better serve your needs, but it generally follows this pattern:

First, we will discuss your tax and accounting needs either in-person or over the phone.  The goal of this discussion is to determine whether Zahid Reza, CPA is the best firm to solve your accounting and tax problems. There is no fee for this initial consultation.

Second, we will develop a project plan with you, and determine the timeline of key events and deadlines.  For shorter projects such as a basic tax return, this plan may be very simple - perhaps nothing more than setting a date that we will begin working on your tax return or scheduling the next update call/email.  Longer projects require more detailed project plans and set deadlines.

Third, we will keep you informed during the process.  You will never be in a position where you aren't sure of the next steps of your project.  We will communicate the status to your on a set, regular schedule.

Lastly, we will complete your project, thereby solving your tax and accounting problems, and you are 100% satisfied with our services.